Dottrina: The Impact of Brexit on the Resolution of Transnational Commercial Disputes in Europe

Marco Torsello, “The Impact of Brexit on the Resolution of Transnational Commercial Disputes in Europe”, in Maria Caterina Baruffi e Matteo Ortino (a cura di), Dai Trattati di Roma a Brexit e oltre, Bari, 2019, 90-104.

The paper provides an overview of the risks and uncertainties that may characterize the future of transnational dispute resolution mechanisms in civil and commercial matters involving parties domiciled in the UK and parties domiciled in EU Member States. Accordingly, the impact of Brexit is considered with respect to the assessment of jurisdiction, the circulation of judgments, as well as international commercial arbitration. On the one hand, the paper shares the widely accepted view that, in the absence of an agreement to that effect, Brexit will have extremely relevant and critical consequences on the assessment of jurisdiction and on the recognition and enforcement of judgments. On the other hand, however, it expresses a critical position with respect to the prevailing view that Brexit will have a limited impact on international commercial arbitration and posits, to the contrary, that in the event of a hard Brexit (without agreement) UK-based arbitration proceedings may suffer from a skeptical approach of courts based in EU Member States, leading the latter to retain jurisdiction in spite of the arbitration agreement whenever EU overriding mandatory provisions are at stake.


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