Dottrina: Persons on the Move

Bettina Heiderhoff, Ilaria Queirolo (eds), Persons on the Move. New Horizons of Family Contract and Tort Law, Collana ‘Scritti di diritto privato europeo ed internazionale’, Aracne, Roma 2018.

By bringing together Phd candidates from different EU member states to attend four seminars of advanced learning in a Programme in European Private Law for Postgraduates (PEPP), the PEPP is playing an active role in moulding law practitioners and scholars with an international and comprehensive approach. This volume is the fourth of its kinds, and is focused on some topical issues in family, contract and tort law. It collects the works of PEPP lectures and Phd candidates of the 2016/2017 PEPP rounds.

Contributions by Carmen Azcárraga Monzonís, Bernd Frankemolle, María Aránzazu Gandía Sellens, Bettina Heiderhoff, Silvia Mele, Christian Rüsing, Marina Sancho López, Giovanni Sciaccaluga, Tomasz Sroka, Wojciech Tomasz Szmidt.



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