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Call for papers: V Congreso internacional de Derecho internacional privado – Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Il convegno, che si svolgerà presso la sede dell’Università Carlos III di Madrid nei giorni 25 e 26 aprile 2019, avrà ad oggetto i problemi internazionalprivatistici posti dalla maternità surrogata.

E’ stata pubblicata una call for papers, che scadrà il 4 marzo 2019 (termine per l’invio del titolo e di un abstract del paper della lunghezza di al massimo 800 parole , con successivo termine al 10 aprile per l’invio del testo definitivo, dalle 3.000 alle 5.000 parole).

Titoli, abstracts e papers dovranno essere inviati all’indirizzo:

Direttore scientifico del convegno è la Prof.ssa Dr. Juliana Rodriguez Rodrigo.

I papers saranno sottoposti alla valutazione di un Comitato scientifico, composto del Prof. Dr. Alfonso-Luis Calvo Caravaca, del Prof. Dr. Javier Carrascosa Gonzales, del Prof. Dr. Heiz-Peter Mansel e della Prof.ssa Dr. Ilaria Pretelli. I papers selezionati potranno essere pubblicati nella rivista on-line Cuadernos de derecho transnacional.

Call for participants: Young Private International Law in Europe ‘Recognition/Acceptance of Legal Situations’

A small group of young scholars from various European countries has been engaging in a closer dialogue to address a common issue – namely the ‘recognition/acceptance of legal situations’ as required by the ECJ regarding names and, most recently, marriages. Each group member gathered information regarding their home jurisdiction and drafted a (preliminary) national report. Awareness, legal rules, and methodological approaches differ – sometimes tremendously.

On April 5, 2019, the group will meet in Würzburg (Germany) to present and discuss the preliminary results of the comparative study.

Any ‘junior faculty’ member of universities in EU Member States who is interested in the topic and the network itself is invited to join the group.

Further information and a detailed programme are available at this link..

Dottrina: Persons on the Move

Bettina Heiderhoff, Ilaria Queirolo (eds), Persons on the Move. New Horizons of Family Contract and Tort Law, Collana ‘Scritti di diritto privato europeo ed internazionale’, Aracne, Roma 2018.

By bringing together Phd candidates from different EU member states to attend four seminars of advanced learning in a Programme in European Private Law for Postgraduates (PEPP), the PEPP is playing an active role in moulding law practitioners and scholars with an international and comprehensive approach. This volume is the fourth of its kinds, and is focused on some topical issues in family, contract and tort law. It collects the works of PEPP lectures and Phd candidates of the 2016/2017 PEPP rounds.

Contributions by Carmen Azcárraga Monzonís, Bernd Frankemolle, María Aránzazu Gandía Sellens, Bettina Heiderhoff, Silvia Mele, Christian Rüsing, Marina Sancho López, Giovanni Sciaccaluga, Tomasz Sroka, Wojciech Tomasz Szmidt.


Call for submissions: Balkan Yearbook of European and International Law

È stata pubblicata una call for submissions della nuova rivista “Balkan Yearbook of European and International Law”, edita da Springer e curata da Zlatan Meškić, Ivana Kunda, Dušan Popović ed Enis Omerović, di cui uscirà nel 2019 il primo numero.

Il termine per l’invio dei contributi, che dovranno essere conformi ai criteri redazionali della rivista, è il 30 marzo 2019.

Si pubblica di seguito il testo della call, ringraziando la Prof.ssa Maria Caterina Baruffi per la segnalazione:

Balkan Yearbook of European and International Law publishes peer-reviewed scholarly articles, notes, comments and book reviews on private and public European and International Law. The yearbook contains summaries and analyses of recent decisions by national and international courts and arbitral or other tribunals. The yearbook has one section with a special hot topic or focus as well as sections about European and international law in each volume. Moreover, it presents book reviews to recent publications from the region or with a major impact for the region.

The yearbook focuses on recent developments of European and International Law and presents a forum for scholarly discourse on European and International Law from the perspective of the region of South-East Europe. However, the publication is not exclusive in that regard: contributions from the perspective of the wider world are also strongly encouraged and welcomed.

The deadline for the submission of the papers for the first issue is 30 March 2019. The goal is to have the papers peer reviewed and print ready by June 2019.

The special topic of the first issue will be arbitration law (both investment and commercial arbitration), whereas the regular sections on European and International law are open for any other topic related to these sections“.